Over the course of my years on the scene I have built a reputation as an expert with the cane, and it is definitely something I have a lot of passion and talent for. My canings are hard (within your limits, which I will enjoy pushing - just a little bit!) and very accurate. You will leave my premises with a set of perfectly parallel lines across your throbbing buttocks with no stray whacks to your legs or back (which is always protected with a pad, just in case).

I have a formidable collection of canes from thin, whippy, junior dragon canes all the way up to prison specification Singapore canes. I also have a few more unusual canes made from materials such as delrin, and a cane made out of three canes bound together in a sleeve.

At the beginning of August I ran a promotion for a week offering a reduced rate on caning sessions so I could indulge in one of my favourite activities as much as possible over my birthday. It proved so popular I have decided to make it permanent: From now on, caning sessions are available in Harrogate for just £80 for one hour!

Terms And Conditions

This reduced tribute is for caning sessions ONLY. If you want to incorporate any other BDSM activities into your session, you will pay my full tribute of £150 per hour.

Sessions must be paid for in full, upfront. This can be done electronically or the old fashioned way of cash in at the bank if you are worried about leaving a paper trail. I will provide payment details once we have agreed a date and time for your session.

There are no refunds. I may allow you to reschedule provided you give me 24 hours notice, but this is at my discretion. Have some respect for my time and don't book if you can't commit to attending your appointment.

Sessions take place in a domestic playroom in Harrogate.

This offer does not include judicial caning.

I will not be taking requests for outfits for these sessions, I will dress exactly as I please on the day.

Everything is always entirely at my discretion.

To apply for one of these sessions, use the template email below.


Subject: Caning Special Application
Date(s) you are available to attend:
Preferred time(s):
Any health issues I should be aware of:
Any questions:

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